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 ::.::F.A.Q About BB5 Contact Retailer Locked For All Provide

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PostSubject: ::.::F.A.Q About BB5 Contact Retailer Locked For All Provide   Sat Jun 07, 2008 5:32 am

There Is No Full And Perfect Way To Solve But This Can Help To Solve...
Info About Contact Retialer In BB5 & SP Area Damaged & RPL Write Phone.

Few Thinks U Have To See Before Repair.

1 Phone IMEI Is Damaged Or Not? F.E 123456789012345

2 Phone Sp Area Is Damaged Or Not? F.E Config key -FFFFFFFFFFFFFF & PROVIDER - unknown

3 Bb Self Test You Can Do With Service Option.
Security Test
Simlock Test

4 What Can We Do If IMEI Is Damaged?
A.Simple And Easy Way To Repair Is If U Don't Have Backup. Calculate Bb5 Ask 2 Rpl And Write It.
B.Free Way Is Downgrade Phone Then Check. If IMEI And Sp Area Still Damage Update Back And Use Ask 2 Rpl.

5 What If We Have Sp Area Damaged?
A. Simple And Easy Way Is If U Have Backup Of Pm 308(Eeprom In Hex 134) Restore It With Write Pm. Remove Phone Insert Battery And Plug Again And Test Phone.
B. If U Don't Have Backup Just Use Bb5 Ask 2 Rpl To Repair It.

6 What If I Have Backup Rpl And Not Have Pm Backup?
A. Backup Rpl Is For Certificate To Repair Or Restore. So In This You Can Restore IMEI Of Phone But U Can't Restore Sp Area.F.E Configkey –FFFFFFFFFFFFF & PROVIDER - unknown

7 What If I Have Backup Pm And Don't Have Rpl?
A. You Can Restore Or Repair Sp Area But U Can't Restore Or Repair Phone IMEI (Certificate) With Only Pm You Need Rpl Backup Or CALCULATED RPL ONLY WAY.

8 Can I Restore Rpl With Usb Cable?
A. No You Can't Write Rpl (Certificate) Via Usb Because Its Need Active Flash Mode.

9 What I Do After Rpl Write Still Contact Retailer?
A.Most Phone Need To Rewrite Pm Field [1] And [309] For Writing This Fields Pm File You Have To Do SX4 With Supported Tools Then Do Fast Do Not Restart Or Off Phone Before Writing Pm File.
B.Most Phone Can Repair With Downgrade And Write Rpl Then SX4 Write Pm To See If Same Then Update Back Then See If Solved Or Not.

10 How To Get This Pm Section?
A.Read Any Working Phone Pm 1 To 512.Save To Pc.Open It To Notepad And Remove Field - [308] From It Save Again...Now U Can Us It.
Note That If U Forget To Remove 308field From That Pm Before Writing U Get Damaged Sp Area Phone After Writing This Pm.
B.You Can Also Use Only Pm Field - [1] And Field - [309] Also.

11 Can I Use Any Firmware Pm To Any Firmware?
A. Some Phone Have Security Check For Rf Value.So Test If Not Work U Need Correct Version Pm.

12 What If Still Have Problem Contact Retailer?
A.Do Self Test And Check St Security Test Is Failed Or Not?If Yes Then Read Post Again.If No Then Read B And C
B.If Self Test Pass Then Do Factory Default And After That Do File System Format .
C. As I Think Its Possible From Hardware Also So Check Hardware Section For More Help.. As I Think From My Side [Retu Ic] Responsible.

13 What If I Get Can't Decode At Rpl Write Or Corrupted?
A.Best Way To Solve Contact Rpl Supplier.There Is No Rezone To Give Answer About This Problem Because JAF Team Not Making Any Rpl By Them Self..

14 What Is SX4 ?
A. SX4 Is Card By Nokia Work With Fps10 Fps8 To Calculate RPLS And Give Authorization Password To Phone.

15 Why We Need SX4?
A. To Change/Rewrite In Pm(Eeprom) Sections Fields.
. SX4 Calc Password For Phone. Because Nokia Have Protected Pm(Eeprom)Field [1] And [309]
B If We Need To Rewrite This Filed We Need To Use SX4.

16 Why Some Phone Have Problem Rpl Write But Still Sp Area Damaged?
A. Simple Your Can See Your Phone IMEI Is Restored Or Not. If It Was Damaged. Then Rewrite Rpl And Test Phone With Battery.
If Its Not Damaged Then For Sending Sp Area We Need Local Mode Or Test Mode Because Phone Don't Accept Sp Area In Normal Mode.

17 What Is Rezone To Use Rpl?
A. Many Rezone To Use Rpl I Write Here.
[1]To Repair Config key = FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
[2]To Repair Provider = Any Digit Or Number Or Show Unknowed
[3]To Repair Phone IMEI Damaged To 123456789012345.
[4]To Repair Contact Retailer Come Because Field[1] And Field [309]Damage And Corrupted
[5]To Repair Finished Counter Keypad Counter = 3/3 Fbus Counter = 10/10

18 How To Know That Rpl Come Is For Locked Phone Or Unlocked Phone?
A. There Is 2 Way..
[1]Just Write Rpl And See Lock Area
[2]Real One. Ask Any Nokia Access Owner To See Your Phone Warranty Before Process For Rpl. He Will Show This Type Of Info.
Serial Number:
35938*************** <------Your Phone IMEI.

No <--------Your Phone Warranty .

Warranty Class:
Standard 15 (Shipment + 15 Months) <--------- Warranty Time

Product Type:
Rm-78 <--------- Phone Nmp Code For Firmware

6280 <--------- Phone Model Name.

Product Code:
052***x <--------- Product Code For Sales At Which Country.

Start Of Warranty:
End Of Warranty:

Ship-To Country:
Ae-United Arab Emirates <------- Sales Country This Phone Belong To This Country.

Ship-To Customer#:

Factory Simlock:
N <---------------- This Is Most Important For Us. Its Show Factory Lock Status N = Not Locked Y = Yes Locked

19 How To Bring Phone To Local Mode Or Test Mode At Fbus Cable?.
A. You Need To Do Modification At Cable Bsi Wire To Bsi Pin And Also Have To Do Modification At Bsi Pin To Gnd Pin. Modification Need Resistor Value 7.5k to 10k [test which is working for ur phone]For Bsi Pin To Bsi Wire Come From Rj45 Cable.68k Value For Bsi Pin To Gnd Pin At Service Cable.
Note: I added image file to show more clear info. Please see this image file to understand more.also some phone have different place bsi line you can see at battery or service cable before applying this.

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PostSubject: Re: ::.::F.A.Q About BB5 Contact Retailer Locked For All Provide   Sat Jun 07, 2008 8:44 am

Big thanks.U r great anand.
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PostSubject: RE>>>>>>>>>>>>>   Mon Jun 09, 2008 3:24 am

Goood Job .. Keep it Up Bro Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: ::.::F.A.Q About BB5 Contact Retailer Locked For All Provide   Wed Jul 16, 2008 7:17 am

Very useful informations, and expecting more informations related to BB5 software & Hardware complicated problems.
Thanks for your work.
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PostSubject: Re: ::.::F.A.Q About BB5 Contact Retailer Locked For All Provide   Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:13 am

I would like 2 appriciate ur step to share knowledge
keep it up
thats good man
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PostSubject: Re: ::.::F.A.Q About BB5 Contact Retailer Locked For All Provide   Sun Jan 18, 2009 12:01 pm

thank ,very...........very much sir
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PostSubject: Re: ::.::F.A.Q About BB5 Contact Retailer Locked For All Provide   Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:06 am

I had problem in 3110c music player was not working. I had flashed the mobile, it shows this message

1ST BOOT : C0,07 [Rm-237] []
RAPx ID : 000000010000022600010006010C192101001101
EM 1 ID : 00000232
EM 2 ID : 00000353
RAPx PBID : 1DB00003A8A47C56C6BCD294D070A37609750587
RAPx MODE : 00
RAPx HASH : BAF3A9C3DBFA8454937DB77F2B8852B1
CMT 2ND Bt: RAP3Gv3_2nd.fg, Ver: 1.30.0
CMT FLID0 : 00898981-00000000, Int NU48F256
CMT MCID0 : FFFF0000-00000000
CMT ALGO : RAP3Gv3_algo.fg, Ver: 1.40.0
CMT VPP : Internal
IMAGE : rm237__07.01.mcusw
CMT NOR Erase Area: 0x00000000-000006BF
CMT NOR Erase Area: 0x000006C0-0001FFFF
CMT NOR Erase Area: 0x00020000-0007FFFF
CMT NOR Erase Area: 0x00080000-000DFFFF
CMT NOR Erase Area: 0x00100000-001FFFFF
CMT NOR Erase Area: 0x00200000-0031FFFF
CMT NOR Erase Area: 0x00320000-0105FFFF
CMT NOR Erase Area: 0x01060000-01067FFF
CMT NOR Erase Area: 0x01068000-0107FFFF
DATA_BLK_ERROR at: 0x00020000, 00
ERR: CMT FLASH WRITE D_BLK 000000000000000910000000B172, LN: 0x000280, Time: 00:04
Process Failed, Repowering Mobile

what is the solution for this it's urgent sir , thanks in advance.
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PostSubject: Re: ::.::F.A.Q About BB5 Contact Retailer Locked For All Provide   

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::.::F.A.Q About BB5 Contact Retailer Locked For All Provide
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